Ground Up Scenery Foliage

Colour - Light Green


Available in:

50g resealable bag.

100g Spoon & Shake Canister.


To use Ground Up Scenery's Foliage apply a layer of Ground Up Glue to your scene's surface and then sprinkle the desired amount of Foliage over your glued scene.  You can then vacuum up the left over Foliage (use a stocking on the end of your vacuum so you can reuse the Foliage later) or apply a layer of diluted Ground Up Glue over top to hold everything in place.


Colours may vary from picture shown due to different screen settings and types. 

Foliage Light Green

Foliage Dark Green
  • WARNING: This device is not a toy. Small parts - not for use by children. 16+ only.

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